Plantur 39 Colour Brown Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo gives you a deeper brown and greater colour brilliance with every wash. This shampoo activates hair roots, prevents and reduces hair loss, and works to cover grey hair as you use it. The hair colouring becomes more and more visible with every wash as the colour pigments attach to your hair. The shampoo will help to hide both greys and hairline roots. The Phyto-Caffeine penetrates the hair follicle each time you wash your hair, strengthening your hair and fighting the effects of menopause on your hair.


Plantur 39 - Brown Shampoo and Conditioner

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  • Plantur 39 Colour Brown Conditioner With the Plantur 39 Colour Brown Conditioner you can increase the color-intensifying effect of the shampoo. It ensures that grey hair and light hair are concealed - with every wash the color brilliance intensifies. Your hair will be shiny, supple and easier to comb. The result: Admirable beautiful hair beyond forty. With caffeine complex.